Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"Three New Companies Move to the Silicon Bayou"

Community Broadband Networks covers the addition of yet another hi-tech company to Lafayette further validating the community's decision to invest in LUS Fiber. From Durel's official statement:

“These are exciting times for Lafayette and Acadiana,” Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel said. “With the announcements of Bell Helicopter, Enquero, CGI and now Perficient, we have proven that Lafayette and Louisiana can compete for world-class companies. These companies are proof that investing in the right infrastructure pays dividends for our citizens.”
CBN comments:
In the past few months, Lafayette has drawn in three high tech companies that will create approximately 1,300 well-paying positions. In addition to the community's commitment to boost its high-tech workforce, better connectivity offered by LUS Fiber helped attract the new businesses.  

Just to be very explicit—good international corporations value communities that show the same sort of entrepreneurial spirit that they posses. And it's good business as well. Locating in the city carries along with it access to some of the cheapest hi-speed bandwidth available anywhere in the country. Lafayette carries a final even rarer quality: it offers 1 gig of intranet connectivity to every home or business location in the city at no extra cost. If an employee has the standard service from LUS they can connect to their company at a blazing 1 gig speed. Most companies maintain a wired 1 gig intranet inside their corporate offices connecting their most critical computers. In Lafayette every employee could connect to the home office with same effectiveness as if they were just down the hall. Need a satellite office  for a big job? No problem; just rent any space. Great bandwidth is a utility in Lafayette. Not something that requires complicated setup and corporate time and energy. Work at home with no penalty. Save all your files, however massive, to the company server. Work off server-based programs as easily as folks in the central office. The flexibility is something you simply can't buy elsewhere.

Nice indeed.

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