Wednesday, January 14, 2015

F2C: Freedom to Connect — March 2 & 3, 2015, NYC

This year's F2C: Freedom to Connect conference has been announced and Lafayette Pro Fiber wants to recommend it to any and all who pass by this site.

F2C has been a seminal conference that has consistently set the standard and anticipated the national agenda for internet issues. I (John) have attended and presented and I can attest that it is simply a lot of fun to attend in addition to reliably expanding your mind on the issues and helping build your list of amazing contacts.

This years conference sounds amazing. Take a look at the topics and the names!  Here's a precis from organizer and internet guru David Isenberg:
One of the biggest F2C sessions will be about the NSA and
the Internet with former NSA technologists Bill Binney, Tom
Drake, and Kirk Wiebe. Fritz Moser will be there too -- he's
making a movie that documents how Bill Binney's team's small,
targeted, internally-developed, privacy-protecting program
was shut down by NSA leadership in favor of a much
bigger-monied SAIC contract just weeks before the attacks of
September 11, 2001. Moser's movie documents a secret test-run
of Binney's program against the pre-9/11-NSA database by Tom
Drake in 2002 in which the program immediately found the
terrorists (and other interesting facts).

Another key F2C event: The FCC is expected to issue its Open
Internet Order on February 26. On March 2 and 3 we'll either
celebrate or organize. If the Order contains strong Title 2
protections, it will be a huge victory! If it contains last
minute loopholes, not so much. In any case, Tim Wu, Marvin
Ammori, Sarah Morris, Harold Feld, Tim Karr, Susan Crawford
and others on the forefront of Network Neutrality advocacy
(TBD) will offer insight and perspective.

A third key event: Gigabits and Cities. Chris Mitchell, from
the Institute for Local Self Reliance, will review the state
of municipal networking, especially gigabit networks, around
the world. Elliot Noss will outline Ting's FTTH partnerships
with the cities of  Charlottesville, VA and Westminster, MD.
Other municipal fiber activists -- and even Google Fiber's
leaders -- have been and will be invited.

There will also be a session on the changing norms, values
and opportunities around Big Data by investor Nick Grossman,
data scientist Hilary Mason and law professor Aaron Wright.

And there will be keynotes from Global Voices founder Rebecca
MacKinnon, software freedom advocate Eben Moglen, security
guru Bruce Schneier, AIDs activist (and first-hand observer
of Chinese privacy practices) Kate Krauss, Internet pioneer
David Reed, CIA technology entrepreneur Dan Geer, and 2014
candidate for Governor of New York Zephyr Teachout.

And more. Stay tuned. We're just gettin this thang revved up.
If you at all can, go.

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