Wednesday, January 14, 2015

President Obama’s speech in Cedar Falls mentions Lafayette

What's Being Said Dept.:

Obama gave his speech in Cedar Falls this evening promoting municipal broadband and the rights of communities to chart their own course regardless of what the corporate behomoths want. Lafayette got a nice shout out. Here's an excerpt from the speech...
"And what you’re showing is that here in America, you don’t have to be the biggest community to do really big things, you just have to have some vision, and you have to work together." 
"And we’re seeing that same kind of innovation and that same kind of energy and foresight in communities across the country. In Lafayette, Louisiana, companies are bringing jobs to the city in part because of their fast, next-generation broadband network. In November, the people of Yuma County, Colorado, voted overwhelmingly in favor of a community broadband network. That’s in the same election where 85 percent of folks just voted for a Republican Senate candidate. So this is not a partisan issue. It’s not a red issue or a blue issue."
True Dat. It's not a red or blue issue. It is an issue of community self-determination.

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